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Create a productive and happy working environment. We tailor our tried-and-tested Performance Management System to match your company culture and goals, and bring out the best in your team.

Talent Management Process

fully integrated Digital Talent Management Platform

  • HR Management System for employee management
  • Online Career Development with comprehensive KPI measurement and monitoring
  • Rewards and development component
  • Integrated Assessment Reports for employees


  • Comprehensive job fit assessments against clearly defined standards to appoint the right people in each position
  • Psychometric assessments by HPCSA registered Industrial Psychologists to ensure optimum recruitment ,promotion and career advancement decisions
  • Employee engagement surveys
  • Individual and team development assessments

Goal alignment

  • Facilitate role clarity and goal alignment from the top to the bottom of the organisation
  • Ensure common agreement on the purpose, vision and values of the organisation and how to measure the effectiveness of the organisation across the organisation

Continuous Performance Management

  • Design and maintain continuous performance management systems to align, develop, inspire and reward employees to give their best every day.
  • Provide innovative and practical performance monitoring techniques combined with a scalable digital platform with just in time performance reports
  • The Scalable digital platform also measures and evaluates the full scope of any employees Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Other (KSAO). With the aim of ensuring that the employees maintains KSAO’s to ensure job adaptability and continuous performance.
  • Tailormade YouTube training videos to train and retrain employees on the specifics of your Performance Management System
  • Provide a robust system to rapidly rehabilitate or swiftly but yet professionally part ways with poor performers.

Employee Gamification and Talent Management Systems

  • Design and maintain employee gamification programs to instantly inform, recognise and coach employees to give their best every day.
  • Our gamification systems are highly flexible, integrated and leveraging the benefit of technology
  • Big digital display screens are strategically placed to inform and inspire employees from anywhere in the organisation
  • Implementation is rapid with 24/7 support and YouTube training videos, tailormade for your needs

Succession Planning and Talent Development

  • Provide a system and support to identify talent and to accordingly develop a succession plan
  • Provide coaching and facilitation of identified talent in accordance with a systematic talent development plan

Peer recognition

  • Provide a peer recognition App to reinforce your company values and standards
  • Recognition systems can be deployed as a stand alone rewards program or feed into Gamification and/or continuous Performance Management


  • Based on a careful needs analysis, we design effective teambuilding programs with a good balance between intellectual and experiential challenging but yet fun activities
  • Provide follow-up support to ensure implementation and reinforcement of new learning and/or plans.

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