A customised, cost-effective solution to staff motivation will make all the difference to productivity and excellence.

What easier way to engage your staff than through the phone that they carry with them all day? Easy to use, our app gives everyone the chance to give feedback … and to receive reward for excellence and extra effort.

Management, fellow employees and customers get the opportunity to acknowledge excellence as it is delivered; employees accumulate and redeem points for rewards of their choosing.


Your app will be customised with your branding and colours.


Our highly-qualified customer service team takes your success seriously.


Quick to implement, this app-based recognition system is also cost-effective.

Get the PERFORMANCE RECOGNITION APP that makes a real difference.

Motivate every employee, everywhere in your organisation with this acclaimed employee recognition mobile app.


Performance Management
Talent Management


Individual and Team Productivity
Work Attendance
Customer Service
Staff Behavioural Problems


Easy to Implement
Cost Effective
Simple to Use
Long-term Success
Easy to Manage

Does your organisation need help?

  • Are you losing talented employees?
  • Do employees take ownership and take initiative to solve problems?
  • Do employees take care of your customers by going the extra mile for them
  • Do employees spontaneously take care of your business?
  • Do employees interact and cooperate effectively across departmental silos/boundaries?

Everyone Wins

Employees who achieve target can be rewarded with a voucher that is automatically loaded on their phones from Good 2 Great People

Everyone is Included

Everyone can participate. This real time, cloud-based system works on any device including smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

Will it work for your business? Find out today!